ClearlyBooked uses "Categories" to help track your income and expenses.

When we sync your information from your "Connections", we break down your financial transactions into different "Categories" based on pre-defined rules. If there are transactions we don't recognize, we'll set them aside as "Unverified" for you to review. You'll be able to create your own "Category Rules" so that in the future those kinds of transactions will automatically be categorized.

By using categorized transactions we can show you where you are making and spending money on The Money Tab.

Using "Categories" also greatly reduces the amount of effort required at tax time - whether it's annual income taxes or monthly and quarterly sales tax.

Categories are the buckets for your transactions. They are similar to folders on your computer in that you can create sub-categories. That means you can nest one ore more categories under another category.

For example:
Category: "Income"
Fee income
Interest income
Other income
Rental income

We start you off with the most common categories for rental properties. However, you can easily add sub-categories to meet your needs.

How to Add or Modify Categories
Click the gear icon for Settings.
Click "Categories".
Click the top level category where you want to add or modify a sub-category.
Add, modify or remove sub-categories.

Category Rules
When syncing transactions from your Connections, we categorize the transaction based on a matching rule. If a matching rule is not found, we'll flag the transaction as "Unverified" for your review.

How to Review Unverfied Category Rules
Click the gear icon for Settings.
Click "Category rules".
Click "Unverified".
Modify or remove the rule.
Click the "Save" button, and the corresponding transactions will be updated.

How to Add or Modify Category Rules
Click the gear icon for Settings.
Click "Category rules".
Click "Verified"
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "add another rule"
Add, modify or remove the rules as necessary.
Click the "Save" button.
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