When you receive a booking outside of Airbnb, VRBO or HomeAway, you can enter the reservation manually into ClearlyBooked.

If you create a manual booking, you will also need to block off the dates on your other listing sites to help avoid double bookings.

To Create a Manual Booking:

Click on the "Bookings" tab.

Click on the large orange "+" button.

Click on "Enter Booking Manually".

Under "Rental" select the appropriate property.

Under "Source" select how the booking was made.

Enter the reservation details.

If there is any cost associated with the stay, click "add charges".

Update any Categories and dollar amounts.

Once the reservation is created, it will be treated just like reservations created through listing sites. Automated Tasks that you define in Booking Settings will automatically be created, and you can add additional tasks as well.

If the Booking Already Occurred
You may have a booking from the past that you didn't enter into ClearlyBooked, but you want to track it for tax reporting purposes.

Follow the steps above under "To Create a Manual Booking".

After you save the booking, click on the task icon in the new booking in the "Booking" tab.

Select "Mark Complete" for any completed tasks.

Click on the "$" icon and.

Click on "View Detail" and scroll down to the "Payments" section.

Click on the payment, and update any Categories and dollar amounts.

If you received a payment outside of the ClearlyBooked system, such as a check, click the "This payment occurred outside of the ClearlyBooked system".

Click "Mark paid".
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