When you use ClearlyBooked to help manage your cleanings, you can create a list of tasks for your cleaner to complete. You can designate certain tasks that apply to all cleanings, some that are specific to a property, in addition to tasks that are specific to an individual job.

Once your cleaner sets up an account in ClearlyBooked, they'll be able to see all of the tasks associated with any job request they accept.

Default Tasks
Default Tasks apply to all cleanings at all of your properties They're designed to be used for repetitive items since they are automatically added to each of your cleaner's jobs. We recommend keeping the list high level. For example:

Clean condo
Sweep garage
Clean deck
Turn down heat

To set up Default Tasks select "Cleaning" for the "Type" of task, and follow the instructions here: How to Set Up Tasks

Individual Job Tasks
Adding individual job tasks is perfect for when you need something just that one time. For example, setting up the baby crib for a guest. Modifying tasks on a specific job will only impact that job - even if the task was added via a default.

Click the "Schedule" link in the menu.
Find the desired job and click on it.
Click on the checkbox icon in the top center of the screen.
Add any additional tasks (hit Enter between tasks)
Click the "X" in the upper corner when you're done adding additional tasks

Property Specific Tasks
You can also create a unique set of tasks for specific properties.
Click the gear icon for Settings.
Click "Booking Settings"
Scroll down to Schedule Cleanings section and click on it
Specify the property
Type the name of the task in the Tasks box.
Click "Save"
Repeat the previous two steps to add additional Tasks.
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