HomeAway's Credit Card Transaction Fee
When you have a guest who books and pays with a credit card through HomeAway, we'll update that payment for you automatically on ClearlyBooked. At the time of payment, we'll know the breakdown between rent, cleaning fees, and deposits. But we won't know the amount that you're being charged by HomeAway for the credit card transaction fee.

When you receive the email from HomeAway detailing the credit card transaction fee, you'll need to adjust the imported transaction to correctly account for your expenses.

Go to "Bookings" and click on the booking.
Under Balances, click on "View detail."
Scroll down to the "Payments" section and click on the appropriate "Completed Payment."
Click on either "Split Again" or if there isn't a split in place yet, click on the three dots in the shape of a triangle.
Add a new negative charge for the "Merchant Account Fee" in the "A transaction fee was charged for:" section.
Click on "Save."
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