These simple steps get you up and going.
(If you are setting up an account as a Host, please click here)

Click on the "Sign Up Free" button on the main menu of the home page

Enter the requested information and be sure to choose "Cleaner" in the drop-down and click "Continue".

If you're setting up an account after receiving an invitation from a Host, you may have cleaning requests already! You can choose to either Accept the Cleaning Request or Reject a Cleaning Request. Or you can come back to it once you have the rest of your account set up by going to the Schedule section.

Enter email addresses for any clients you'd like to invite to try ClearlyBooked and click "Continue".

Job Defaults section
Property: Select "All properties" if you want the same defaults to apply to all of your clients' properties, or set different defaults by selecting each property separately. If you're setting up an account without an invitation from a host, you'll need to select "All properties". You can always change this later.

"Assigned to" - Choose yourself. After your account is set up, you'll be able to add additional cleaners.

"Rate" - Update your pay rate (you can select either by hour or by the job)

"Average Duration" - Update how many hours it usually takes you to clean a property. This will allow us to schedule jobs more accurately.

"Tasks" - Add which tasks you do for all of your cleanings. You can set up property specific lists later. Click "Continue"

Follow the directions to add the calendar to your mobile phone and click "Finish". You'll have your schedule right at your fingertips.

You're all done!
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