Almost all hosts are required to collect rental and lodging sales tax from their guests. ClearlyBooked helps you track both your taxable revenue and the sales tax collected from each guest. You can find a summary at the bottom of the "Money" tab.

When ClearlyBooked syncs your listing site account information, ClearlyBooked assigns a Category to guest charges using Category Rules. For example, splitting a transaction between "Rent", "Cleaning Fees" and "Damage Deposit." Any charge that are categorized as income are included in determining your taxable revenue. Learn more about categorization

Taxable revenue
In general, ClearlyBooked assumes any income from a booking is taxable for sales tax purposes. There are two exceptions:

Taxability passed from the booking site
Some booking sites like VRBO allow you to specify the taxability of guest charges. In those cases, ClearlyBooked uses that information to determine what revenue is taxable.

Taxability rules
ClearlyBooked allows you to set up rules to specify if certain types of income are not taxable. The rule will take priority over any information passed from the booking site.
Lean more about taxability rules

The fees Airbnb and HomeAway withhold from your payouts are usually considered taxable revenue for sales tax purposes. Tax rules vary by location, but those fees usually are not considered exempt revenue. That's why ClearlyBooked doesn't back them out of your taxable revenue.

If your Taxable Revenue on the Money page isn't what you expected, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you reconcile the numbers.
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