There are times where you may need to bill a customer for work that wasn't auto requested by the ClearlyBooked system. To add this this type of job and bill for it follow these steps:

To add the job to your schedule:
Go to the "Schedule" section

Click the Orange plus button on top right of the page.

Type your customer's name in the Customer Search box.

Select the property in the drop down box.

Enter the date of the job.

Enter the amount that you are owed as a job total, not your hourly rate.

Click Add Job.

We'll automatically send an email to the Host telling them about the job.

To send an invoice for the job:
Go the "Schedule" section

Click on "Show previous"

Click on the job

Click on "Start job"

Click on the "Tasks" icon and update the completed tasks.

Click on "Mark job completed"

Update any Damage, Guest Feedback, and Any Supplies Needed.

Click "No" for "New charges or discounts"

Update any additional comments.

Choose to either send the invoice immediately or mark the job as complete but bill later.

We will automatically email the Host an invoice.
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