Adding your customers to ClearlyBooked is easy. We provide two methods for doing so.

Customer Invite Form
Use the customer invite form to invite one or more customers to join. Using the email(s) you provide, we send your customer(s) an email letting them know you'd like them to join and add their cleaning schedule.

Click the Customers link in the menu.
Click the orange "+" button to add a customer.
Enter the emails for the customers you'd like to invite.
Click the Send button.

Add a Cleaning to Your Schedule

Click the Schedule link in the menu.
Click the add new job button .
Click the add new customer link.
Enter the customer's info and the address of the rental getting cleaned.
Click the Save button.
Enter the details for the new job.
Click the Add job button.

If you add cleanings to your schedule on your own, we will send your customer an email letting them know you've scheduled their cleaning and invite them to join.
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