If you need to schedule a cleaning that isn't based on the timing of a guest checking out or you don't want to use auto-requests, you can schedule cleanings manually.

Click the "Schedule" Tab in the top middle of the page
Click the orange "+" to add a new task
Click the "For a booking" box if the cleaning request is tied to a booking. You can search by date or guest. Select the appropriate property.
If the cleaning isn't tied to a specific booking, uncheck the "For a booking" box. Select the appropriate property and select when it needs to be cleaned.
Enter your cleaner's email address to have the cleaning request automatically emailed to them. If you don't have their email address, you'll need to contact them directly to request the cleaning.
Enter the date that you need the property cleaned, and after what time the cleaner can begin
Enter any additional comments. The comment will be included in the email sent to your cleaner.
Click the "Request this Cleaning" button.
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