Adding automatically scheduled cleanings for all of your bookings:
Click on the gear box and choose "My assistant"
If you don't have a section for "Schedule Cleanings", click on the orange circle on the side of the screen.
For Type, select "Cleaning".
Provide your cleaner's email address.
Select how often you want to remind your cleaner that they haven't replied to your request.
Select what you'd like us to do if your cleaner doesn't reply to your cleaning request.
Add specific instructions of what you'd like your cleaner to do.
Click the orange "Save" button.
We will automatically email your cleaner a cleaning request every time you get a new booking. We'll request a cleaning for immediately after your guest checks out.

Modifying automatically scheduled cleanings:
Click on the gear box and choose "My assistant"
Click on "Schedule Cleanings"
Make any changes
Click the orange "Save" button.

Scheduling an Additional Cleaning
Sometimes you may need to schedule a cleaning outside of your automatically scheduled cleanings.
Click on "Schedule"
Click on the orange plus
If the cleaning is associated with a specific booking, click "for a booking". If it's not, leave the "for a booking" box unchecked.
Search for the name of the guest if it's tied to a booking.
Select which property you need to have cleaned.
Enter your cleaner's email address.
Enter the date of the cleaning, and after what time they can begin cleaning.
Add any additional comments about the cleaning request
Click "Request this cleaning"
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