To explore your financial picture, start with the "Money" tab. We provide you with an overview of your income, rental history, expenses and taxes, and give you the ability to drill down into the details.

This box summarizes the rent for reservations you've received for the current year. It doesn't include any extras, like cleaning fees, security deposits, etc. You can also see how your numbers compare to last year. Click on the box to see all of your bookings and the rent associated with each one.

This box shows the total number of nights booked this year. You can also see how your bookings compare to last year.

This box shows expenses for which you've been invoiced, as well as transactions from linked bank and credit card accounts you've categorized as expenses. Some examples are repairs, advertising, and service fees you've paid to third parties, such as a percentage fee to HomeAway.

Expenses won't include service fees your guests have had to pay to listing sites.

To get the most complete picture of your Expenses, you'll want to link your bank accounts and credit card accounts and download your transactions.

Here you'll find any payments for bookings that haven't yet been paid.

Here you'll find the balances from all of your linked bank accounts.

Here you'll find any outstanding payments you owe your cleaners, or other linked Vendors.

Credit Cards
Here you'll find your outstanding balance on your linked credit card. Linking a credit card works best if if's a dedicated card that you only use for your rental.

Here you'll find your outstanding principal on your linked loan.

Here you'll find the value of your property based on the most recent update from

This is the value of your property plus your cash account balances in addition to any outstanding receivables

This is the total of your outstanding principal on your loan, plus your credit card balances, and any payments due to vendors

Net Worth
This is the difference between your Assets and your Debts.

Sales & Rental Tax
In this section you'll find your Taxable Revenue broken down by either month or quarter, in addition to how much tax you've already collected.

Taxable Revenue
To learn how Taxable Revenue is calculated, click here. In general, it will be the rent you collect plus cleaning fees and any additional income based on ClearlyBooked's preset taxability rules in addition to any other taxability rules you've created.

Tax Collected
This total includes any tax calculated by your listing sites like HomeAway, as well as the tax calculations we've done for you for sites like Airbnb.
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