One of the benefits of using ClearlyBooked is that we can automatically schedule your cleanings for you, giving you one less thing to worry about.

When you choose to automatically schedule cleanings for your bookings with My Assistant, we take care of the rest:
We automatically sync with your connected listing sites multiple times per day.
We will send a cleaning request to your cleaner for the day your guest checks out.
We let your cleaner know the earliest time they can start cleaning based on the checkout time on the booking, and the latest they can go in the event of back-to-back stays.
We notify you when your cleaner has accepted or rejected the cleaning.
If your cleaner gets busy and doesn't respond, we send them reminders.
You can always look at your schedule or booking to check the status.

Click here for instructions on how to automatically schedule your cleanings

Sometimes you may need to schedule a cleaning that isn't based on the timing of a guest checking out, or you aren't ready to use auto-requests. In these cases, you can schedule cleanings manually. Click here for instructions.
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