As you know, there's much more to renting your property than just booking guests. You have tasks to do for each booking, like:
Schedule a cleaning for your rental,
Give guests access to the rental,
Fulfill special guest requests
Follow up regarding damage.
Schedule maintenance or
Change batteries in smoke detectors

ClearlyBooked helps you stay on top of those tasks. When you connect to your companies and work with your cleaner via ClearlyBooked, we are able to automate the creation, tracking and completion of your rental to do's. ClearlyBooked tasks help ensure you get the job done.

Some tasks are automatically created for you - like a task to take care of damage reported by your cleaner. And some tasks automatically get marked as completed when you do something - like paying your cleaner. While others you create and update on your own.

Default Tasks vs. Individual Booking Tasks

There are two types of tasks: "Default Tasks" and "Individual Booking Tasks".
For repetitive items that are automatically added to each booking, like scheduling cleaning, collecting the balance or sending directions, you can set up Default Tasks. A single set of default tasks can be applied to all rental properties.
For the tasks that are unique to each booking, like setting up a baby crib before a guest's arrival, you can set up Individual Booking Tasks.
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